MinLand Network Workshop, Brussels September 17, 2019 – Interested?

MinLand Project

It is our great honour and pleasure to invite you to participate and contribute with your expertise to the MinLand Network.

In Europe the need for raw materials by far surpass the production. In order to meet need of needs of raw materials within the EU has e.g., through the H2020 umbrella launched a number of actions directed at improving conditions for the extractive industry. In this context it was recognised that one of the large challenges in extractive minerals industry is access to land and its use. Therefore, the H2020 MinLand project aims at investigating good practice in land-use planning policies, practices and linking to mineral prospecting and extraction. Specific land-use challenges might arise from/at e.g.,

• highly densely populated areas
• nature conservation and protected areas
• other industrial and other activities- tourism, agriculture, cultural heritage
• infrastructure
• affected parties

MinLand project aspires to assist and effect the land use process so that mining projects will be evaluated on par with other potential land uses. MinLand will also attempt to provide examples of Good Practice that can assist to improve the authorization and permitting procedures.

One of the actions that can assist promoting and achieving this goal, is the creation and active involvement of a network of experts and stakeholders, associated with land use planning and/or affiliated with mineral planning or industry. Therefore, MinLand will create a “Network of Experts”. We are inviting you to be a part of this Network by sharing with MinLand your views about certain aspects related to land-use planning. Furthermore, as a member of the Network, we will invite you to participate in expertise exchange events together with other specialists as you, that we will organise. The Network of Experts will also be used for consultations of the MinLand network regarding good practice and challenges in mineral prospecting and extraction in Europe.

It must be highlighted that being a member of the Network it is not obligatory to physically participate in the organised events. You can assist us with your expert opinion using other means of communication.

Register by email to:

Ronald Arvidsson, Project Coordinator, SGU – [email protected]

Chrysa Panagiotopoulou, NTUA – [email protected]

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